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1. Brake pads Julie

Type 4.1 Performance (series pad), Type 4.2 Endurance 

We stipulate clearly and precisely that for all our disc brakes only GENUINE MAGURA brake pads and accessories must be used!
Otherwise the 5-year leakproof warranty and all warranty claims in respect to MAGURA will become null and void! The use of brake pads from other manufacturers can lead to over-heating and the complete loss of of brake power, endangering not only yourself but also others! Pay attention when buying new pads that they are the GENUINE ones from MAGURA that can be easily checked by the included cotter pin or fitting bolt!

Watch out for the GENUINE Julie brake pads marked with Type no. on the back and delivered with cotter pin!

Julie brake pads.
2. Discs Julie

Of course all discs 2006 are also available as spare parts. In 2006 we offer for Julie wave SL rotors with diameters of 180 and 160mm. All of them come with 6 fitting holes and are compatible with the MAGURA Centerlock adaptor.


SL rotor for Julie, available in 180 and 160mm
3. NEW 2008: Titanium bolt kit

For one disc brake.


New 2008: Titanium bolt kit
4. Centerlock Adapter

The Centerlock adaptor makes wavy MAGURA SL rotors compatible with Shimano, DT or Mavic Centerlock hubs. 

NOT compatible with former round MAGURA discs or those of any other producers!

MAGURA Centerlock adaptor
5. Discs for Rohloff Speedhub Julie

NEW 2006! The wavy SL rotor is now also available for Julie in a 160mm version for the Rohloff Speedhub.

NEW 2006: the 160mm Julie SL rotor for Rohloff Speedhub.
6. Adaptor 11 Julie

The adaptor 11 (code: 0722 425) makes it possible to use a Julie and a

180mm rotor on a IS 6" fork

160mm rotor on a frame with IS mounts

More information in the download and Julie FAQ section



7. Adaptor 12 Julie

The adaptor 12 (code: 0722 426) makes it possible to use a Julie and a

180mm rotor on a frame with IS disc mounts.

More information in the download and Julie FAQ section



8. Adaptor 14

The adaptor 14 (code: 0722 453) makes it possible to use a Julie and a

210mm rotor on a IS 6" fork

190mm rotor on a frame with IS mounts

More information in the download and Julie FAQ section



9. Disc brake service kit

Smart kit that contains everything that you need to bleed a MAGURA disc brake:

  • 2 syringes
  • Bleeding tube plus matching adaptors for MAGURA calipers
  • Torx T7 and T25 key, 2mm Allen key
  • 50ml of Royal Blood mineral oil
  • spare olives, insert and sleeve nuts

Watch out for the original in the MAGURA box!

Disc brake service kit
10. Royal Blood mineral oil

We cannot repeat it often enough. The bleeding of a MAGURA brake is NOT a routing chore, because the MAGURA Royal Blood mineral oil does not absorb water (like DOT brake fluid). It also lubricates the whole brake system and neither irritates human skin nor strips the paintjob of your frame - in a nutshell: nicer stuff to deal with!!

If ever filling or bleeding is necessary, e.g. after a crash, use only MAGURA Royal Blood hydraulic oil, never DOT brake fluid (that will destroy your brake!)

Available in bottles of 50ml, 250ml and 1litre.

MAGURA Royal Blood - available in bottles of 50ml, 250ml and 1 litre.
11. Foldable MAGURA tool

Includes all allen and torx keys that you'll find on your MAGURA stoppers.

  • Allen keys 2, 2.5, 3, 4 and 5
  • Torx keys T7 and T25
  • 8mm open end spanner

A versatile and reliable friend that will be helpful in case of problems during a ride.

MAGURA foldable tool
12. Professional Bleed-Kit

Bleeding a MAGURA disc brake is a breeze with this kit.

Comes with 250ml Royal Blood, syringe and fitting adaptors for the bleedtube.

Professional Bleed-Kit
13. Bitbox

The bitbox comes with all bits that you will find at MAGURA (10 pieces). Several hex sizes, Torx T7 and T25 plus a Philipps and standard screwdriver bit.



14. Gnann-o-mat disc optimizer

Hydraulic disc brakes require high demands on the precision when it comes to installation. Poorly aligned disc brake mounts affect negatively the function of your brake. Dragging or squealing noises or a spongy modulation are often the result of imprecise dropouts. Welding distortion, too much material removal during grinding or a too thick powder coating - there are many reasons for potential bad function of your disc brake.

With the Gnann-o-mat disc optimizer a professional bike mech can definitely solve these problems.

This tool will generally be too expensive for end consumers. We advise you to ask your dealer for a proper service of your bike with the Gnann-o-mat in case of problems.




Gnann-o-mat disc optimizer
15. Hose guides

A smart way to fix your rear brake hose on frames that are not foreseen for hydraulic hoses. Installation is a snap. The guides are just screwed into the cable stops. They hydraulic hose just clips in.

2 pieces in a bag.

Hose guides
16. Hose fitting clips

Ideal completion of the hose guides. Are fixed on the center of the toptube and prevent the hose from jamming. Simple, tricky, good.

1 piece in a bag.

Hose fitting clips.
17. Braided hose

Cool look and bomp proof. No weight penalty compared to the standard hose. Watch out for the GENUINE bit with the yellow MAGURA marker! Available in silber in a length of 170 or 250cm with either 0° or 90° fitting. Can be easily shortened with cable pliers.

Braided hose, shown here with 90° fitting.